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Något att fundera över och inse konsekvenserna utav det (vissa försöker dock fortfarande skärma sig ifrån det …).

The world needed the new paradigm of environmentalism. The problem is that a few grabbed it for a political agenda. They used it as a vehicle to take the moral high ground, to claim only they cared about the environment. They argued that everyone else was guilty of environmental destruction because of their avarice and wasteful ways. The debate about global warming is a subset of environmentalism that was also hijacked using the same themes.

Are Environmentalism and Global Warming Effectively Religious Socialism?

Tilläggas bör är att de som propagerat mest för klimathotsmyten, inte lever som de lär …

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Fler och fler tecken på att luften håller på gå ur klimathotsmyten ser vi bl.a. i den brittiska vänsterorienterade tidningen The Guardian:

But now that governments have signed up to the unambitious Paris climate agreement and pledged to try to limit greenhouse gas emissions, we must ask whether we have lost sight of everything else. Is the environment just about carbon and parts per million of gases in the atmosphere? What about the environment that we can smell, see and touch today?

For 20 years or more concerns about nuclear waste, food production, the quality of river water, the health of our soils and seas, the fate of our forests, the impact of road-building and many other important ecological issues have been steadily marginalised, starved of resources or pushed off the agenda by climate change.

Claim: We should focus on Air Pollution, let Climate “take care of itself”

Dock är det inte frågan om en tvärvändning, utan ett tecken på tillnyktring och att man vill begränsa skadorna utav propagandan man spridit.

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