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Well, sadly enough it is possible. By cutting down all the (equatorial) rainforest and the Taiga around the world, the climate will change for sure! To what extent, one can only guess … (Not due to the associated CO2 though …)

Here in Sweden, we are probably close to do something like that, as one Swedish politician (of the Swedish Labour Party … What else?) suggested to cut down large areas of forests. Only to make room for all the paperless “refugees”[*] that the politicians would like to host here (at the expense of the Swedish people and the Swedish Nature).

The politicians assume that we can accommodate up to 100 000 ref’s/year. There are several problem involved and one is that there are not enough homes to live for regular Swedes as it is right now, so the refugees has to remain in the refugee camps when granted permanent residence (unless they are Romani beggars from Romania or Bulgaria, brought here by the Bulgarian Mafia. They move directly to the outskirts of any city, ready to be transported and sit in front of any store, wearing preferably new and clean cloths begging, taking breaks using mobile/cell phones and/or smoking … Genuine beggars? Eh, no …) One other problem is that we are to few paying tax here and we not long ago (only) achieved 9 million citizens. (I belong to those who have to pay but minors, students and those living of social benefits don’t, so there are less then 50% of the population who have some form of taxable wages.). The politicians claim that all the immigrants are only beneficial for the society, but if so, why are so many of them still in refugee camps, not working and receiving social benefits?

Here there has been a change in Political Correctness, so ”Climate Change” has been less interesting to promote for media and politicians (Rouge companies selling energy or cars are among those who still tries …). Instead radical feminism (far political left) is favoured and to accuse everyone of racism that criticize uncontrolled immigration, especially those who question those who want to perform Sharia laws here (radical left wing of Islam). Among several issues, this is making it difficult for the Jewish population in Malmö city (3rd largest city in Sweden, immigrants in majority), harassed by ”those” who can’t be criticized … Antisemitism? No, Islamophobia is considered as worse by the Swedish media and most of the political sphere, so the problem is ignored … The history somewhat repeat itself … (Remember the first half of the 1900s …?)

[*] Paperless? Not really, but as probably as the only country in the world, Sweden is since a couple of years ago granting permanent residence to anyone who arrives at the border without any legal identification. Background checks are not performed any more …! Learning our language? Not necessary any more, as it has become classified as racism when regarded as a requirement, but SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) and of course AFI (Arabic for Immigrants) will be offered as pleased … Getting a job? No, we offer social benefits instead, providing more money per month than our poorest pensioners receive. [/sarc] (A large group of senior citizens, mostly women, who worked almost of their hole life in Sweden and paid taxes during all that time and/or at some time stayed home and took care of children, gets less then immigrants on social benefits, lodging included … Not a problem according to our politicians and media …)

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