Norah4You: Climategate scandal worse than most understood [Updated]

Well, there’s another good example in the temperature data of Bolivia. So far, I have not seen anywhere these data have been used by AGW’ers. Why? An not so far off answer is that this data can’t be adjusted enough to ‘justify’ the AGW mantra about a warming world.

Regarding the graphs above, the first thing that’s striking me (as usual), is the extremely short time intervals. This is an ”red line” issue not only found among (C)AGW’ers but also among some ”sceptics”, unfortunately. Anyone schooled in the basics of statistics do understand this, at least should and if a researcher/scientist have the slightest amount of professionalism and/or seriously, this is avoided at any cost. When money (fraud) (and/) or plain ignorance is involved, it isn’t.

When we’re talking about climate, the hole relevant time span is more then three billion years long. Short time span like six and a half decades are statistically insignificant. Especially when it has to do with cyclic events. In this case, the high frequency signals are statistically plain noise, due to the large difference compared to the low frequency signals and of barely no interest in the ”Big Picture”! The low frequency signals are the ”strong” ones.

In nature there are a number of more or less concurrent cycles. If one or several cycles with the lowest frequency (i.e. with the longest period length) are ignored in analysing, the outcome will vary with the section of the period chosen for study, even if someone tries to suggest otherwise. Something important to recognize and to remember: We perceive a person’s lifetime as a long period of time, but in a geological and in a galactic perspective, it’s not even a small parenthesis. This is exploited by unscrupulous politicians and scientists …

As the ”Big Picture” (i.e. global climate) isn’t fully understood by anyone and for that to happen, it requires that all cycles are detected and all the relationships are established. Before that no one can predict the future climate. However, we have a slight clue if we look at what has happen at previous ice age periods. That particular data is available, but few cares. Also, if the global climate is fully understood, we will be able to perform reliable weather forecasts long ahead and that isn’t possible today for longer time then five days. These forecasts has to be constantly adjusted. With the proper knowledge, there’s no need for adjustments. The northern part of Europe was inhabitable twelve thousand years ago and that will happen again, with genuine climate refugees as a result.

(Notes that it is common for English-speaking politicians to be blunt and reduce ‘carbon dioxide’ to ‘carbon‘, which confuses the Swedish television in translations. So they translate it into plane ‘coal’, signalling that they missed (like the politicians) what they would have learned in elementary school …) [/edit]

[duplicate paragraph removed]

Regarding the UN, there are many politicians around the world who want it to be a world government, others thinks it is. Not least within the UN and its sub-organizations (IPCC and others) …

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If I hadn’t been one to rise same position back in 2008, due to own knowledge, I guess that this would have put everything coming from UN:s IPCC, Al Gore and so called Climate experts where it belong: IN THE NAUGHTY CORNER to be forgotten by every true scientist and most ordinary man/woman:


If it wasn’t for the diligence of amateur investigators like retired accountant Paul Homewood, probably no one would care, not even Paraguayans, what has been going on with the Paraguayan temperature records. But Homewood has done his homework and here, revealed at his site Notalotofpeopleknowthat, is what he found.

He began by examining Paraguay’s only three genuinely rural weather stations. (ie the ones least likely to have had their readings affected over the…

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