WUWT: ”Tiny bubbles” to lower global temperatures #AGU14 [uppdat.]

It is ridiculos regarding proportions but it’s not surprising, as far too many ‘scientists’ involved in the AWG circus have issues they need to address, regarding the four dimensions that we are capable of perceiving. Some have limited ability apparently …

Earlier this kind of ‘scientists’ hijacked the method of detecting changes in carbon dioxide emissions of vulcanos linked to eruptions and turned it into a ‘reference’ of global atmospheric levels and now this?

As the main ‘problem’ is manufactured, so …

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Watts Up With That?

1280px-Large_engine_boat_wakeCase Smit reminds me of this story from AGU that seemed so ridiculous at the time, that I laughed and forgot about it.

Getting ships to generate smaller bubbles as they sail across the oceans could counteract the impact of climate change, a study suggests.

Scientists from University of Leeds, UK, say this would create a brighter wake behind a vessel and reflect more sunlight back into space.

However, it could also increase rainfall in some areas.

Microscopic bubbles generated by shipping could lower global temperatures by 0.5 F says a study presented at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. according to scientist from the University of Leeds, UK. And possibly reduce fuel costs by being more ”streamlined”.

As ships sail across the waves, the white froth they create in their wake stands out from the dark ocean waters.

But the team behind this study said that if…

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