WUWT: G20 summit airport vetoes ‘climate guilt’ billboard

That WWF is surprised, don’t surprise me …

Watts Up With That?

rejected_billboard The rejected billboard tries to guilt G20 into talking about climate change. All the usual NGO suspects are involved.

Eric Worrall writes: A prominent ”climate guilt” billboard which was to have been displayed in Brisbane Airport, presumably somewhere global G20 meeting delegates could see it as they arrive over the next few days, has been vetoed by airport authorities.

According to the Brisbane Times;

”BAC [Brisbane Airport Corporation] told Fairfax Media the billboards were rejected last Wednesday because they were deemed to be ”political”.

World Wildlife Fund, one of the nine groups asking for the billboard to be in place, said they were surprised the billboard was rejected by Brisbane Airport Corporation.

Fairfax Media was told BAC had a ”long-standing policy” to reject advertising which it deems political.


I guess making G20 delegates feel bad about air travel, as they disembark to attend the big international policy setting conference…

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